Seabed Survey Drone

Drone for Survey and Inspection:

DanaDynamics’ ASV-S is a maritime drone that can assist in surveying and inspecting harbors and coastlines. Its SWATH design on a monohull provides exceptional stability and a placid position in the water, making it perfect for surveying with multibeam sonar. Additionally, the monohull design makes it simple to navigate in narrow waters, while two smaller side hulls can be deployed to further enhance its stability. Equipped with DanaDynamics’ autonomous navigation system SKIPPER, it can navigate autonomously and is an excellent choice for sea surveying in ports and automated data collection.

The drone’s advanced features and options for different payload compositions make it a valuable tool for various tasks, such as remote mapping, imaging, and monitoring waterways and seabed. Contact us today, our technical experts are ready to help you find the perfect solution to suit your survey needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Length 6.07m, Width 1.24m (2.64m), Draft 0.32m
  • Construction: Mono/Multihull, carbon fiber
  • Propulsion: Electric propulsion, 4kW, 48V Li-Ion, operation 12-14 hours, Max speed 6 knots
  • Performance: Sea State 2
  • Navigation system: SKIPPER by DanaDynamics, operated via touchscreen
  • Sensors: GPS, Satellite compass, LIDAR, AIS, VHF, radar, sonar, camera, anemometer, speed log
  • Communication: 4G/5G, SAT COM
  • Payload capacity: 200 kg
  • Displacement weight: 965 kg, incl. standard payload

Launch and recovery:

The drone can be launched from a boat trailer or by crane.