Autonomous Navigation

SKIPPER – Maritime Autonomous Navigation System

Experience the convenience and safety of SKIPPER, the ultimate solution for autonomous navigation in any marine environment.

Add-on system:
SKIPPER is an innovative navigation system that integrates with various types of nautical systems and functions as an advanced auto-pilot. It is equipped with cutting-edge sensors such as GPS, radar, sonar, and cameras that gather real-time data and use Deep Learning technology to make informed decisions regarding course, speed, and object avoidance, making navigation safer and more efficient. This exceptional system is designed to gradually move towards full autonomy and can be installed on existing vessels or incorporated into new construction as a complete turnkey retrofit system, providing numerous benefits such as:

  • Enhanced safety by minimizing the risk of human error and fatigue
  • Improved situational awareness onboard
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Ability to repeat predefined sailing patterns
  • Scalable technology
  • Increased ability to operate in challenging and rough waters without risking human lives

If you already have a vessel but need an autonomous navigation system. Let us help your business to the next level.

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