Autonomous Navigation System

& Sensors

Autonomous Missions



Autonomous Missions


  • Navigating autonomously on a pre-defined mission
  • Using Waypoint navigation and managing heading, course and speed
  • The operator has real-time data and visual feedback from the vessel
  • The operator can at any time take over the control of the vessel
  • Active warning box lists the nearby traffic and obstacles as perceived by sensors

Navigation System SKIPPER can operate unmanned vessels during following missions:

Mine and UXO identification

The ASV is equipped with mine identification equipment to map potential threats under the sea surface. It sails in a predefined pattern tailored to facilitate the identification equipment’s capabilities.

SAR Operations

The ASV has sensors and cameras to detect persons in distress at sea. The autonomous navigation system directs the ASV to operate within a specified area and a suitable search pattern.

Sea surface surveillance

The ASV is equipped with sensors and optics for sea surface surveillance and intelligence observations. The drone is operated through an autonomous navigational system that follows a predefined mission route, which can be adjusted by the operator.

Subsea Operations

Subsea operations and surveys of critical infrastructure, inspection of ships’ hulls, and search for attached explosives.